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From Irish Airs to Deep Space

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On Sunday afternoon 22nd October a serene event will take place at the Cork Blackrock Castle Observatory, bringing together the magic of Ilse de Ziah’s cello playing and the elegant style of Maarten Roos’ filmmaking. Two films will be featured, a new shorter version of Living the Tradition, followed by the exquisite Serene Universe with live voice over from Ilse de Ziah and music by William Zeitler. Between the films, Ilse will perform live on cello.

For an afternoon delving deep into space and being transformed by the journey From Irish Airs to Deep Space.

All ages welcome.


Serene Universe by Maarten Roos is a unique film experience in which images of the cosmos and a beautifully composed soundtrack are intimately intertwined. Starting on our planet Earth, Serene Universe takes you out and into the Solar System, the Galaxy, Deep Space and finally your inner space.

“Beautiful to watch and calming to listen.”