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A short visit to Cobh

In July we scouted a location in Cobh. The air A Stór Mo Chroí (Treasure of my Heart), which is about leaving Ireland (emigration), can be related to this site where many people took off to America, Canada and Australia. Here is a short impression of our travel to and visit. Living the Tradition, behind…Continue Reading

Inch beach

Great day of filming yesterday. Maarten arrived from Faro at midday and we went via Cobh. A Stor Mo Chroi is a song about someone leaving Ireland from the perspective of the person left behind. We wanted to film a little of where emigrants used to leave Ireland. Cobh was known as Queenstown, and between…Continue Reading

Behind The Scenes Places to Explore

Living the Tradition, behind the scenes: places to explore (episode 2) from Lightcurve Films on Vimeo. Cellist Ilse de Ziah journeys to find the origins of traditional Irish Airs and together with filmmaker Maarten Roos make a series of exclusive music films. Here is a short peek behind the scenes showing a map of places…Continue Reading