Living the Tradition on Video on Demand!

We are happy to announce Living the Tradition is now available to rent and/or download at Vimeo on Demand from “With her, Ilse carries her hard cello case and her little wooden stool, and in her pockets are determination and a passion for the truth in the music. I can clearly hear that passion in…Continue Reading

Living the Tradition at the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival

Living the Tradition is part of the Videothèque at the Sheffield DocFest 2014. This international documentary film festival is one of the largest in the world, attracting filmmakers, producers, distributors and broadcasters from all over the planet. The Videothèque is an exclusive library with a selection of films for potential buyers(distributors, broadcasters, delegates from other…Continue Reading

New Film Review!

RJ Lannan, writer and independent review for Zone Music Reporter, posted a new review of the film on TradConnect. Read it here!      “It is not often that one of my favorite genres of music comes with pictures, but in this case, Ilse de Ziah & Maarten Roos have provided just that in their remarkable documentary…Continue Reading