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Screenings in Australia!

Ian Date and myself as De Ziah & Date are touring the film with a concert performance in Australia at the moment. We had our first screening in Avoca Beach Theatre on the 28th July and now are heading to Bathurst followed by Bowral. The film was well received in Avoca and was wonderful to present to new audiences.

Check out the next venues to watch LTT and to hear De Ziah & Date in concert!

BMEC Bathurst, Friday 4 August 7:30PM

Bowral, Sunday 6 August at 4.00pm

Brisbane Jazz Club Thursday 24 August

Pearces Creek Hall Sunday 27 Aug 2023 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Tickets here


Last year I went to Java with the Irish Gamelan Orchestra. Just found my un-viewed-since-then pics. As you can see they are hopefully enjoying watching the Living the Tradition DVD’s over there! A wonderful welcome from the kids from the rainforest area in East Java and the friendly hosts for an event with dancing and…Continue Reading

From Irish Airs to Deep Space

On Sunday afternoon 22nd October a serene event will take place at the Cork Blackrock Castle Observatory, bringing together the magic of Ilse de Ziah’s cello playing and the elegant style of Maarten Roos’ filmmaking. Two films will be featured, a new shorter version of Living the Tradition, followed by the exquisite Serene Universe with live…Continue Reading