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Last year I went to Java with the Irish Gamelan Orchestra. Just found my un-viewed-since-then pics. As you can see they are hopefully enjoying watching the Living the Tradition DVD’s over there! A wonderful welcome from the kids from the rainforest area in East Java and the friendly hosts for an event with dancing and feasting near central Java. I met a young fan there who was a cellist and very excited I was there in the middle of the Java countryside! I gave him a DVD too. I borrowed a cello from a local school in Solo for the concert. It was an incredibly cranky old thing with the sound of what I am sure was an ancient Javanese spirit…! It was lucky I brought my own strings… the next school orchestra cellist who gets the cello will be very happy with the A and D Larsen Magnacore strings. Living the Tradition!!

Filming Wrap

End of filming! We made it, 13 days of intense work, 2200km on irish roads (argg, tractors!), 20 hours of raw video material, 4 seasons of weather per day, and most importantly all the fantastic encounters with people all along the road! Editing has started, and we will tease you with snippets in the weeks…Continue Reading

Coorheen, Loughrea

This is a photo from the top of the road at Coorheen, Loughrea. The cows were curious at me packing away my cello. To the left is what was once the wide avenue driveway that led down to Fanny Powers house. At the bottom of the slope is the lough. I think these are the…Continue Reading