a teaser of Inch Strand, an Irish Air by Ilse de Ziah

Today we present a teaser of Inch Strand, an Irish Air by Ilse de Ziah. Ilse wrote this air when she was leaving the place where she lived, near by the beautiful beach of Inch Strand in County Cork. This is the last air in her book Irish Airs for Solo Cello, and the only one from her hand.


3 Responses to a teaser of Inch Strand, an Irish Air by Ilse de Ziah

  1. Ilse! Ye fine lass!
    ‘Tis Jennifer Walker, yer ‘cellist colleague and friend who sports her craft, tuning’ her ‘cello, here on the left side of the dinner plate!

    I’m so sorry that I’ve been out of touch! Believe it or not, my email program has been down intermittently since May, I, trying in my pathetic way, to solve a program glitch caused by AT&T, (the American Telephone and Telegraph, just a wee company,) that hasn’t the heart, nor the time, to help me out. You must remember that I write for sport on me Selectric II typewriter. “Tis self-correcting — with much correcting to do — but it feels right — just like playing the ‘cello of me heart and you, yours.

    As a result, I’ve been hoping for the indulgence of those friends and colleagues such as y’r’rself — who I enjoy tremendously and value highly — hoping for your ultimate forgiveness. I’ve not been absent, but rather simply unable to “speak.”

    Knowing through the development of my own calluses, the tremendous amount of time you have put into the perfection of your art, I very much appreciate “Inch Strand.” Lovely, the manner of design, the “storybook”, the composition being exceptional and, as always, your performance is flawless. (You must tell me why you play standing up; I’ve tried it, and do it only under the most dire of circumstances, while — in the meanwhile — I see that it seems your preference! I suppose ’tis me fear of tilting over during a performance…. (which would be appropriate for the performance of the “Don Quixote” in the representation of windmills. 🙂

    The intonation of your double stops is incredible, as always! And your talent for composition for solo ‘cello, most especially, demonstrating the haunting quality of the music of your heritage and country is only to be admired, if not envied. I’m not sure which is the greater accomplishment, to master the Dvorak Concerto to concert level, or to compose and perform one’s own works that — in your case — I know will stand the test of time and attack many apostles. Ye’v one in me. Although I love the applause of the audience following a performance in which I didn’t tilt off me chair, I find the admiration of a colleague to be that which I treasure in me heart; and, ye should be carrying mine in yours’.

    Y’r a lucky lass to be living in a land where the green rises up to touch the clouds and past, as I fly over’ye looking’ down at the magical color that even the word “emerald” cannot fully depict. ‘Tis fluid and waving, bidden’ all, “Our history, ye’ll be hearing’ in our music.” And so we do.

    My very best wishes. Again, me apologies for so me absence! I’ll be gavin’ an extra word with the wee company after I get through with me scales and arpeggios.

    Y’er a fine lass, Ilse, and a great ‘cellist and composer! I get nothing but compliments when playing your arrangement of “Gabriel’s Oboe.” ‘Tis thanking ye’, I am! Especially for the graciousness of y’rself — to mention nothing of yer generosity!

    ‘Tis sending’ the very best — to the very finest, I am!


    Jennifer Walker Campbell
    San Francisco, CA

  2. Beautiful. Wonderful and mesmerizing. Looking forward to the completed journey. Best of lucks.
    (heard of this project from Mark Gunn’s Celtic Podcast)

    • Dear Mike. Sorry for the late reply, the project is occupying all our time at the moment. Thank you for your comment and enthusiasm. Stay tuned by subscribing to the blog feature of this website and/or on the facebook page!