The film is ready!

We are delighted to announce that our film is finished!
Our journey has been fascinating and rewarding and along the way we met fantastic people and made new friends.
We made discoveries about the origins and backgrounds of the airs, some of which were perhaps little known or had been forgotten. We documented our findings in as much detail as possible on this website (see the music section) and plan to continue updating the information as we find more.

Our journey does not end here. Now the time begins to bring our work to our audience at large.

We have started to ship the first 100 copies of the DVD, a box containing two discs with the full 96 minute film on Disc 1 and 65 minutes of the airs on cello in full plus performances of all the other musicians involved on Disc 2. Click here to purchase your copy if you have not already done so!

We want to thank all our contributors, participants in the film, our team and all other people who have helped us realise this beautiful project.


We are now shipping the first 100 DVDs!
We are now shipping the first 100 DVDs!

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